Sunday, March 14, 2010

A typical day in my shoes

As I said before my life is very hectic and you will get a taste of it right now. My oldest has ADHD and is home schooled and I have a very rambunctious toddler. I attend medical school and I work full time. My day starts at 6am and I'm in class from 8-4 mon thru fri. When I come in from school I do school assignments with my oldest and tend to the needs of my little guy. Then its time to cook dinner and head to work. I work 7pm -7am during the week. I wish I had more time with my kids but I'm doing the best I can to provide for them and better our lives. With my oldest having adhd things get very stressful. He has his days where he's not as hyperactive but more so he has days where I wanna pull my hair out. When he was in preschool I was approached by the principal about his behavior. The impulsiveness and not staying on task etc. Well we all agreed that he could grow out of it as he matured and got older. But we also agreed that if it didn't get better by age 6 he would be evaluated. Well they didn't get better,his behaviors worsened. Its painful seeing him like this. I often blame myself for this. I wonder if I could have done somethin to prevent it. I sometimes have to redirect him more than my two year old. I stay stressed out and its not good at all. All I do is work,attend school and tend to my family. Sometimes I wanna take a break and get away but i feel so guilty. So my only escape is to blog. My next post will be about the diagnosis and treatment.
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