Sunday, March 28, 2010

My labor and delivery

My contractions got even stronger and were about 2 mins apart so the dr said come on to the hospital. Well when I got there at 8:38 pm I was only 1cm dilated. So she said she would come check me in a few hrs to see if I progressed. Well two hrs later I was only 2cm. Normally they would send women home for this but since I had good strong contractions and it was my second labor, they admitted me. Finally I was able to get up and walk the floor. I had to walk for atleast an hour at a time before getting back in bed. I kept feeling stronger contractions and I felt more pressure in my inner thighs. So I went to my room and got the nurse to call my dr in. Dr checked me and after just an hour of walking I was 4cm. So she sent me walking some more. Well I walked for hours and things began to slow down. So I was given an IV with pitocin and was offered pain meds. I declined cause my goal was to go natural. I started to have back pain from a car accident yrs ago so my dr gave me a little nubain , it was such a small dose that I didn't notice a change in the back pain. Finally I was 7cm and my water hadn't broken. My dr asked me if she could rupture it and I declined. I wanted to walk a little more first so I walked for another hour. She checked me again and I was still at 7cm so I let her break my water. Soon as she did things went very quick. She left to check on a patient after setting up the table. Well she was gone about 5mins and I felt the urge to push so I pushed my call button. The nurse came in and said "you were just 7 breathe though it and don't push. I doubt you're 10 already". So I made her get my dr to come in. Well I was indeed 10 cm and just started pushing while my dr was changing gloves. After one good push his head was halfway out. His heart rate started to decline so she gave me oxygen and said let's hurry and get this baby out. Well another push and his head and shoulder was out. My dr said reach down and pull your baby the rest of the way out so at 9:23 am july 30,2008 my baby was born. That was the best feeling ever. I didn't care that he was bloody and gooey. I put him right on my stomach until my hubby cut the cord. The nurse was nice enough to let him lay with me while she did his apgar. He scored 9 on the first one. While I delivered the placenta I handed him over for his second apgar and he got another 9. I was so happy to see my baby was healthy after all I went through to bring him into the world. He weighed 7lbs 15.6 ozs and was 22 inches long. My labor was longer with him than my first born but I'm glad that I got to do it natural though. I just kept myself relaxed and focused on breathing the whole time. If any of you are pregnant right now don't think you have to go natural. If you need meds take them, it doesn't make you any less of a woman. I just went natural because I did it with my first and I have a fear of epidurals. I'm a nurse myself and I hate needles. Maybe by getting poked so much in nursing school lol. But its your birth so do it how you want to. Make a birth plan and make your dr and the staff stick to it. After all it is your body and your baby. Thanks for reading,
PS if you have a birth story that you want to share or a pregnancy or ttc story, I would love to hear it. Just send me a comment with the direct link to the blog post of just simply comment to this post and tell me all about it.