Monday, March 22, 2010

Medication free ADHD treatments

Hello everyone here are some of my proven techniques for ADHD. One important thing I did was implement a behavior / reward system. People may not think it works but it really does. I created a daily chart and at the end of the day if his behavior warrants he is given a sticker on the chart. After 3 stickers in a row he gets to redeem them for a prize. Most of the prizes are small, like little toys or extra game time etc. But every 4th sticker in a row he gets a certificate. The certificate basically says congratulations for having good behavior. Getting these certificates really make him feel good about himself and it motivates him. So I decided to raise the bar. Throughout the day I use olympic gold medals(replica's of course). There is a bronze,silver and gold medal. He starts the day off on bronze and has to earn his way to gold. I do this because it teaches him to work really hard when he wants something. So as the day goes on and he stays on task with little or no redirection he moves up to the next medal and eventually reaching gold. When he has negative behaviors he goes down a medal(for example from silver to bronze). During this time I show him the list of rules and explain which one he broke and how he can make up for it. At the end of the week he earns a kids choice reward. Normally he will chose $1 or to go play a game of bowling. But whatever it is I make sure he gets it so he can see the pay off for positive behavior. Other things I do to help are using natural remedies per se. At night I give him a melatonin tablet and trust me it works wonders. It helps him relax and sleep well. Then when he wakes up he isn't hyperactive. I changed his diet and hive him more organic foods. Research has shown that some ADHD symptoms are result of lack of certain vitamins and minerals such as DHA,Zinc,Iron,Magnesium and many others. I will attach a file for you all to view called 3 steps to conquering ADHD. I am a member of the site and want to pass on the information to you. It tells you all about the drugs used for treatment, true stories from parents etc. Its very useful information and I hope you all find it helpful and pass it along to a friend. I also attached a link to IDEA which tells you all about getting an IEP for your child. It tells you your rights and your child's rights because schools normally won't tell you. Enjoy and thanks for visiting.

here is the link for the educational rights(IDEA and section 504)

For some reason I couldnt attach the file for you to open to read the tips. I think its because it is a PDF file so if you are interested in viewing it send me a message with your email address and I can send it to you that way. If you know how I post it here please let me know. Thanks in advance and sorry it didn't work .